Sergio Oliva Has Become an Anime Character in a Series Called “Baki”

Sergio Oliva Has Become an Anime Character in a Series Called

Sergio Oliva Senior, the 3x Mr. Olympia and one of the few bodybuilders in the history of this sport to ever defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger, in fact the only one to defeat him on the Olympia stage has now also become the only bodybuilder who was ever immortalized in the form of a cartoon character, more specifically an anime character.

About the Series

So there is a manga series called “Baki” where they had a character “Mr. Oliva”. This series was recently re-imagined on Netflix as an english dubbed anime. In the manga, the character was named “Mr. Oliva”. In the anime, the character’s name is “Biscuit Oliva”.

Now that this series is on Netflix, it has become one of the most popular anime series in the world and one of the most well known characters is Biscuit Oliva.

Hanma Yujiro vs Biscuit Oliva, baki manga anime series
Hanma Yujiro vs Biscuit Oliva


It’s an MMA oriented anime series where they’re trying to find the strongest fighter in the world. This main character known as “Baki the Grappler” is going around and fighting all these other characters that are fighters and is trying to become the best fighter in the world. One of the guys that he has to fight is Biscuit Oliva.

Fun Facts About the Character

What’s interesting about Biscuit Oliva character is that it’s literally based on Sergio Oliva the bodybuilder. They even share the same origin story. So the character Biscuit Oliva, his backstory says that he is a Cuban born Afro-American man, the exact same as Sergio Oliva Senior. And of course, obviously they share the same last name.

Sergio Oliva
Sergio Oliva

In addition to that, they copied the details of Sergio Oliva’s face. Even his trademark mustache that Sergio Oliva had and they put that on the character. And they even based the character’s fashion sense all the way down to the very last detail of Sergio Oliva. The same type of shirts that Sergio Oliva wore and they illustrated the physique based on Sergio Oliva’s physique. The creators even say that Sergio Oliva was the inspiration for this character.

Interestingly enough this is a pretty fascinated character in this anime. He has characteristics like the fact that his muscles are so dense, he can survive a close range shotgun blast to the muscle. He can also survive being stabbed because of the same muscle density. It’s a comical, over-muscled character this Biscuit Oliva and that’s why he’s kind of become a meme in the bodybuilding circles.


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