Testosterone benefits and 9 ways how to increase testosterone naturally

Everything you ever wanted to know about testosterone

Testosterone is the male sex hormone, which is present in both the genders and as well as in animals. This hormone is basically a steroid which is produced by the testicles in male and ovary in women, though in very small amounts. With growing age this hormone reduces, and also due to AIDS, kidneys, addicted to alcohol.
Testosterone is a hormone which is responsible for bringing secondary changes in males during puberty. This hormone deepens the voice, causes hair growth and causes muscle growth. Testosterone is generally associated with sex drive. But, other than it also helps in bone and muscle mass. Mood swings in men are also caused due to this hormone.

What happens due to the reduction of this hormone?

  • Weight gain starts
  • Lowering of sex drive
  • Lowering of self-esteem
  • Lesser body hair
  • Moodiness
  • Depression

What are the possible benefits of testosterone?

  • Helps to fight off depression, of one of the reasons you are getting depressed may be due to a reduction in levels of testosterone.
  • Helps in increasing muscle mass, as it helps in building up proteins that help in gaining muscle mass.
  • Testosterone plays an important role in bone strengthening. It reduces the chances of osteoporosis. It increases bone density by mineralization of bones.
  • This hormone improves erections and enhances libido. The sharp decrease in sex drive is due to the lowering of testosterone.
  • Studies show that low testosterone levels are linked to Alzheimer’s disease.
    The cognitive ability of the human is improved with testosterone. Researchers have found that this hormone has a direct relation with T level and memory loss.
  • Increase in competitiveness may be caused due to this hormone. This hormone is directly linked to man’s ability with status and power.
  • This decreases body fat present in the body, and And Helps in retaining glucose, fat metabolism, and insulin. This doesn’t let the accumulation of adipose as it converts testosterone to estrogen.

What are the possible Ways to increase testosterone?

The adrenal glands produce testosterone other than testicles in men and ovaries in women. Testosterone plays a very important role in sexual health and well being and both genders should have a healthy level of testosterone. Here are a few ways to increase testosterone naturally:

1. Balanced diet

Along with a balanced diet, it is very essential for you to consume protein, carbohydrates, and fats. What you eat has a major impact on your hormone levels, hand spinner attention to the calorie intake is important. Overeating or constant dieting May disrupt the testosterone level.

2. Proper exercising and weight lifting

Exercise not only maintain the hormone level in your body, but it also prevents any life-related diseases. According to a survey, it was found that people who exercise regularly had a higher testosterone level, with growing age people can go for exercises as it increases the fitness level. High-intensity interval training can also be done to some extent. Consuming coffee as a supplement, when combined with proper training, increase the testosterone level. Eating zinc also converts testosterone into estrogen. Zinc can be found in meat, fish and raw milk.

3. Working on stress

There are many dangers of long term stress, stress leads to an increase in a hormone called cortisol. Due to increased cortisol, testosterone reduces drastically. High-stress level and cortisol negatively impacts the health and causes weight gain and increased food intake. Follow a strict diet based routine and consume whole foods and a good sleep.

4. Having vitamin D as the supplement

Vitamin D which is obtained from Sunlight is a very popular source of the vitamin. According to the searches it has been found that being deficient in Vitamin D decrease the testosterone around 25%. Regular exposure to sunlight is essential to get the benefits of vitamin D. Other than exposure to sunlight there and other ways and supplements of vitamin D. People who have low blood levels should consume Vitamin D3 supplements.

5. Getting the right sleep

Getting good health, needs all three diet, exercise, and sleep. Most adults need 8 hours of sleep and it has been observed that those who select only for 4 to 5 hours had reduced level of testosterone. For optimizing your health and maintaining a healthy testosterone level, it is important to get high-quality sleep.

6. Consuming natural testosterone boosters

By scientific study, there are a few natural testosterone boosters, out of them Ashwagandha which is the herb has been known to have increased sperm count by 150%
It also reduces cortisol to 25%. There are several herbs, that are known to boost testosterone level those who suffer infertility.

7. Avoid estrogenic compounds

A high amount of parabens, BPA, and other chemicals that are found in plastic are known to affect the hormone level. Following a Healthy lifestyle and consuming a balanced diet is essential. Alcohol and drug use should be avoided, even if it is recreational or medicinal it causes a decrease in testosterone level. What you apply on your skin, should not contain estrogenic compounds. Shaving gels, moisturizers, shampoos, lubricants and many other products contain estrogenic compounds that must be taken care of. These products also affect the endocrine system of the body.

8. Minimize your exposure to radiation

Radiation from a cell phone in your pocket all WiFi routers in your house affects your sperm quality and fertility. Use of cell phones has also shown a sign of decreasing the semen quality. Putting a cell phone in pant pockets, you are inviting all the risks. Electromagnetic radiations should be avoided.

9. Minimizing soy intake

Soy consumption has many negative effects. Researchers have found that soy consumption has led to lowering of sperm count among human beings after 2 weeks. Soy proteins are known to decrease the amount of testosterone.


After the age of 30 there is a decline in testosterone levels naturally among men, according to the search it has been linked to obesity and premature death. Healthy testosterone level is important for a good body and a balanced life.


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