6 Useful Tips on How To Get Stronger

6 Useful Tips on How To Get Stronger final

Beside good looking body that everyone is striving for when they join a gym, to increase your overall body strength and endurance should be just as important. Try to be better than you were yesterday while setting new challenges for yourself on a daily basis. It’s a good starting point for quality training and making progress. Of course, after a certain period of time, all of us meet stagnation which often leads us to lack of motivation. All of this is normal, that’s why i wanna share with you a few tips that personally helped me and people that i work with get slightly bigger and stronger:

#1 Alternating Grip

I always advise people around the gym to use alternating/mixed grip or Underhand grip. It’s because they’ll use more body strength that way (Overhand grip on one hand, Underhand grip on other hand). The reason is in transferring the barbell’s weight that you’re holding. When you only use Overhand grip, you can face a problem when lifting heavier weights. Your barbell could roll in your hands, making it more difficult for you. Overhand grip rolls the barbell on one side while Underhand grip solves that problem and rolls the barbell in the opposite direction. The result of that is stronger grip and the barbell won’t roll. This is primarily for deadlifting with heavier weights. Beginners will do just fine with regular overhand grip.

#2 Breathing

Make sure you exhale when you push/pull during your exercise, no matter if it’s squat, bench or deadlift. During the bench press, It’s often seen that people exhale during the upper part of the movement because they can’t go completely over the end point. But the most important part of the press is the lower half, the same goes for squat and deadlift. When you finish the set with full rep range, do one or two with partial reps but add more weights.

#3 Standing Position

Whenever you get the chance, you should do an exercise standing. You’re much stronger while standing than sitting because your leg muscles come into play. Alongside your lower back and stomach muscles as well. This way you’ll be able to lift more weights. Beside squat and deadlift, you should try to do any other exercises while standing. Activate your whole body!

#4 Train For Strength

Working out specifically for strength helps with developing fast muscle fibers. They are the most responsible for gaining body strength and size. One of the ways is to do Plyometric Exercises because they don’t have the element of slowing down. Most of the time you are the one slowing down the movement so you don’t drop your weights out of your hands. When it comes to plyometric exercises, it’s the opposite way around, you’re not slowing down. Instead you allow inertia to carry you as hard as possible. In this effort to increase your body strength you can even use a barbell on a smith machine.

#5 Strength Of The Opposing Muscles

Do for example one light set of rows before every bench press set. The muscle is stronger when the muscle in it’s opposing group is previously contracted. There are not many techniques which allow you to activate muscles the same way when it comes to strength training. Again, if you do rows before presses, your press will be much stronger. Important thing to remember is – Don’t to do rows until failure, you’ll just weaken your press strength. Use this technique for literally any part of your body and on all lifting exercises.

#6 Strap Up

Pack your gym bags with some hook grips and belt. It will save you from injuries and make your grip much easier.


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