Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Follows in His Father’s Footsteps

Arnold Schwarzenegger's son posing like his dad

In case you didn’t know, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a son Joseph Baena who is currently training for his first ever classic physique competition. He is the first of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s children to actually pursue competitive bodybuilding. You can find him on Instagram @projoe2 to follow his progress which is pretty fascinating to see comparatively how he’s looking compared to how Arnold looked at his age.

Recently, Joseph posted a photo mimicking one of his father’s iconic poses. As you guys probably know, Arnold Schwarzenegger not only was well known for his front double biceps but he was also well known for his variations of the back double biceps, specifically the twisted variations of the back poses.

Now Arnold had several iconic variations of the back double biceps. The most iconic probably being the pose that he’s hitting in the Statue of Arnold that’s on the display in Columbus, Ohio.

Statue of Arnold in Columbus, Ohio
Statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Columbus, Ohio

But Arnold did have several different variations of the back pose. Now the variation that his son is mimicking here is a slightly different variation. In this pose he only has one biceps flexed while the fist is still kind of open on that arm. The other arm is extended, and the point of this is to kind of show off the triceps development in one arm.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son posing like his dad 2

Arnold was a very unique poser and was very good at showing off his strengths and he knew that he had very good arms. So one of the back poses that he hit was this variation to show the biceps in one arm, then go through the back development while hitting the pose then also showing the triceps development on the other arm by extending that arm rather than flexing it.

And this is part of what made Arnold such an iconic bodybuilder. He made his poses his own and he created these poses and routines that showcase his physique the way he wanned to. That’s why the photos of Arnold are so unique and original because he knew how to pose to his strengths.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son Joseph Baena

It’s really cool to see Joseph emulating Arnold’s poses because that’s the most exciting part of seeing him compete, everyone want’s to see how similar is Arnold’s son going to look. It’s like Arnold 2.0, he has the same genetics so everyone is wondering are we gonna see any modern day Arnold when he decides to compete. Based on what we’ve seen so far we very well could see that!


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